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What is a loan aggregator?

This is an online service that searches for and selects loans with the most favorable terms. The service makes it possible to compare offers and submit applications for loans.

Should I apply for a payday loan Texas?

Whether or not to issue a payday loan Texas to a bank card is a personal matter for each user of the system. In any case, we recommend that you carefully weigh your credit needs and financial capabilities. Issuing a loan is a serious financial transaction that requires a conscious approach. Late repayment of the loan can ruin your credit history for the coming years.

Who can get a loan?

A microloan to the card can be issued by capable citizens of the United States who have reached the age of 18. To make an application, you must have an ID, a bank card with the ability to pay online, a mobile phone, access to a valid e-mail.

Is it necessary to have access to a bank card account?

Yes, this is a mandatory requirement for applying for a payday loan Texas.

How can I repay a payday loan?

To repay the loan, you need to have a sufficient amount to repay (the principal debt and interest for using the loan) on your bank card. You can also pay for a short-term loan from any other bank card in your personal account.

Can I repay the loan ahead of time?

Yes, you can repay the loan ahead of time. You will not have to pay any extra fees for early repayment of the loan. Moreover, the interest on the loan will be recalculated in accordance with the actual term of loan use.

Can I use a friend’s (brother’s, wife’s) bank card to get a payday loan?

No, you can’t. To take out a loan, you are required to use only your own card, on which your first and last name are indicated. Unauthorized use of someone else’s bank cards is a criminal offense.

Can I use a credit card to get a loan?

Yes, you can use both debit and credit cards of any issuing banks, unless this is directly prohibited by the banking service agreement.

How quickly will the money be credited to my account?

The time of funds’ depositing depends on the issuing bank of your card and usually does not exceed one or two minutes. However, there may be situations when funds will be credited much longer, up to 3 working days.

How long will my application be reviewed?

At the first request, the entire procedure from the start of registration to the establishment of the credit limit takes on average only 15 minutes. You will be sent an SMS with the decision on your application. If you have not received the message within half an hour, please contact the contact center. With repeated application, the whole procedure happens instantly.

How to fill out the application correctly?

Many borrowers make the same mistakes when filling out loan/loan application forms. Be sure to follow some rules so as not to get rejected and not ruin your credit history: